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Bell & Ross BR03-94 RS17 Yellow Dial Replica Rubber Strap Watches For Sale

It has been slightly over a week since I started wearing the BR03-94 RS17, provided to us at Deployant by Bell & Ross Singapore. For the most of us, having to wear the same watch over a period of seven days definitely proves to be a challenge, and I was tasked to document my week in photos for this unique, unconventional piece.

As mentioned in my review, the design of the Bell & Ross replica BR03-94 RS17 Chronograph watches were inspired by the steering wheel of the new Renault RS17 F1 car, and introduced as part of a trilogy to celebrate their inaugural sponsorship for the Renault Sport F1 team.

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On my first day with the watch I recall myself being excited to check the time frequently, as it seems to have everything I love in a watch. Perhaps I am biased, as this is coming from someone who is into large watches; anyone who has seen my collection would know that I am into large watches, preferably 40mm and above. I actually like how alluring big watches look on small wrists.

Thanks to the snug and fitting short rubber strap Bell & Ross replica watches that came with the watch, as well as the adjustable keeper I was able to wear the large timepiece well, with it sitting nicely on my 5.5″ wrist.

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Taking photos of the Bell & Ross fake watches were an easy thing, thanks to its photogenic features. I slowly realized that what’s really different about this watch among others in my collection is that it parts of many coming together, and everyday you will discover something new about it.

Fake Bell&Ross Rubber Strap Watches For Sale

Guess who’s wearing this Bell & Ross Fake Watches 01-92 Carbon Fiber replica watch like there’s no tomorrow? My lucky cousin of course and he seems to get more and more interested in fake watches now as he was kinda passive and more skeptical before.

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I like the carbon fiber imitation pattern on the top of the case and on the dial as well. It gives it such a different look and different shades when the sun light hits it. I picked the Yellow Markers Bell & Ross Copy Watches and numbers one because I thought it’ll go better with my cousin’s personality. He’s always colorful and has a slightly different style than regular people. Still, this will blend in pretty well with any looks and wears mostly sporty though.

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Cheap fake Bell & Ross Watches.


This is always the case with top brands that don’t fit in the let’s say top five best known names. To me this is a for wear and tear but with just enough spice and Rubber Strap Bell & Rose Replica Watches different looks to make a difference. You’ll always see eyes dropping on it and guys asking about it because it’s such an attractive piece. Glad my cousin loves it and it became his favorite watch so my mission here is done. Check out some more pics and give me your thoughts on it.s